Diseñolamp SL is the official PLH distributor in Spain and Andorra, being one of Vbospagna SL sales points.Epic Srl, a Milan-based company active since 1997, founds PLH (placca) revolutionizing the meaning of mechanisms in the world of interior design: creating the MakeUp collection, a cross-control device with clean lines, minimalist and elegant that can be adapted to any project and with an extreme simple installation. The multiple treatments, finishes and tonalities that it offers are the distinguishing characteristics of all the PLH production, that manages to stand out in the world of the mechanisms thanks to its personalization; In fact, it is possible to choose the material (aluminum, DuPont ™ Corian®, brass, copper, steel, iron), shape, treatment and shades. This is possible thanks to the custom production using CNC machines, so models or stock aren’t needed. Every order is unique and created specifically for the customer. All PLH products can be installed in standard frames and boxes. The only exceptions are the NEO and Slim systems, which include the necessary parts for the standard box adaption. The buttons installed in the PLH collections, normally open type, are circular, square or with a lever.

The 6 PLH plaques collections:

Makeup: matter and essence

Makeup wants to come out and emerge from the architecture and represent an element of improvement. Makeup does not disappear, but becomes a distinctive feature: it wants to be seen.

Skin: changing skin

Thanks to the customization of its "Skin", this collection becomes an element of decoration and an integrated part in any environment. It is superimposed with a contrasting or mimetic effect, revealing or camouflaging, according to the style and customer preferences:
The high adaptability of the skin allows the perfect fit with in the home finishes, such as wall panels, parquet or furniture, complementing the already wide range of high quality finishes of the standard collection.

Slim: slim by definition

Thanks to its original design (they are only 4 mm thick) and elegance, slim plaques bring to the space sobriety and sophistication. The classic installation is suggested with the vertical positioned plaques and also the horizontal installation that is more unusual, asymmetric, and therefore very attractive.

Keyboard: type your light

Keyboard plaques are a playful, yet elegant combination and offer a fresh look at wall plaques, more dynamic, intuitive and original.

Neo: 29 mm of pure balance

NEO wants to be exactly what it is, a pushbutton, essential. An elegant but discreet point on the wall, only 29 mm in diameter.

24K…and a diamond on the wall

224k is the ultimate expression of the 'Made in Italy' product and of Italian craftsmanship. These pieces are true pieces of art and are made in collaboration with Maestro Guido Solari of the Ambrosian School of Goldwork.

PLH constantly evolves and is built in a personalized way around the client’s needs.



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